On the Data Challenge in Music Information Retrieval

演讲者: Dr. Alexander Lerch(the Music Informatics Group , Georgia Tech)

时间:2018-06-06 09:30-11:30

地点: 北京大学UU快三大楼202 会议室


This presentation introduces current research directions at the Music Informatics Group (Georgia Tech) and then focuses on one of the main challenges that music transcription faces: insufficient data. Although music data seems to be ubiquitous in today's world, accurate expert annotations are often crucial but missing. After a discussion of the issue, possible solutions addressing the data challenge are discussed.


Alexander Lerch is Assistant Professor at the School of Music. He received his PhD (Audio Communications) from Technical University Berlin and joined the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology in 2013.

Lerch works in the field Music Information Retrieval (MIR), which positions him at the intersection of signal processing, machine learning, music psychology, and systematic musicology. His research creates artificially intelligent software for music generation, production, and consumption and generates new insights into music and its performance. As Co-Founder of the music software company zplane.development, an industry leader in music technology licensing, his technology is used by millions of musicians and producers.



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